raul rajangu

The House of Playboy

in the Glass

A big glass model of a house

Installation “House of Playboy” (1993-96) is a big glass model of a house. You can take a look at the most bizarre objects through its glass walls and the roof – in the right corner stands the stove that is familiar from Rajangu`s earlier assemblages, on the rightside wall hangs a row of urinals, on the left there are small central heating radiators, a tiny funeral wreath, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and in the middle of it all stands a red star with an eternal flame.

The opposition between the urinal and the eternal flame dedicated to fallen war heros is the most critical one in this piece. In the Playboy house the eternity and the extreme bodiliness, grandeur and misery meet. Due to such clear oppositions, the house of Playboy is also the location of Rajangu`s video work. The artist creates various additional meanings, projecting different video clips through the glass installation, creating caleidoscopic reflections and so multiplying the video image.