raul rajangu

Superluminous Darkness

THE RAGE AGAINST KINETHOSIS AND DICHOTOMOSIS Premiere of the short 3D film The fact that transmedia activist Raul Rajangu, a.k.a. Luminoso, has, after some large-scale projects in recent years – (2008), Russkiy Razmer (2010), Bedrooms Show (2005) – turned towards 3D is quite understandable considering Rajangu’s change over time – from medium-sized to large […]

Soviet Midnight II

3 DECEMBER 2010 TO 31 JANUARY 2011 By 1989, after the art audience had seen six of his paintings, Raul Rajangu had already become a legend. Who would not remember his “New Year’s Tree and Sewing Machine” from 1984, “Snowman next to the Old Anatomical Theatre” (1986) or, in particular, “The Arrival of Raul Rajangu […]


september 2010 Luminoso`s new multimedia project involves the hypnotic 3D video art recorded in different churches in England in summer of 2010. Luminoso is asking how the metanarrative of reason has been deconstructed by the discourse of freedom. Current multimedia project that is provoking with 3D video images and with its ambivalent title (referring to […]