raul rajangu


Tallinn Art Hall

Collection of objects with an acute political and social message

februar-march 2004

Installation project “Sweet Little NATO” (2004) is a collection of objects with an acute political and social message. The exhibition consists of a coffin covered by a shroud depicting the eternal flame and NATO symbols and scull, mens` underwear with NATO symbols, on the wall hang a funeral wreath and a bed with a knife stuck to the middle of it – and over everything guards a stuffed eagle spreading its wings. The second part of “Sweet Little NATO” is a video where we can recognise the familiar Playboy mansion with pop music videos and marching songs by army male choir screened to the background. There`s a red star in the house and from time to time a hand apperas in the frame, squeezing a tube of gum adhesive, to then light the substance in eternal flames. There is a constantly present parallel of the NATO compass-logo and the Soviet red star.

The razorblade-sharp meaning of “Sweet Little NATO” became clear during the exhibition. The social context for the work was created by Estonia becoming a NATO member state, there was an ongoing war in Iraq and during the exhibition the first Estonian soldier was killed in Iraq, becoming probably the first Estonian citizen war victim after the II World War.